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Receiving Bids

Will all the Artist whom I contacted reply back to me regarding my event?

You can expect to receive replies from all most all the Artiste you have contacted. However, rarely an Artiste might forget to respond to your event request. If so will email them a follow up reminder if they don't reply to you within 3 days.

Will all the Artiste whom I contacted provide a price quote for my event?

Some Artiste may not be available for your event. We highly recommend contacting multiple Artistes in order to increase the chances of finding the perfect entertainer or Artiste for your event!

Why am I receiving some quotes from Artiste whom I do not remember contacting?

When you submitted your event request form, you asked to contact additional Artiste that best match the category you’re looking for. Those Artistes will also submit price quotes for your event request. The more Artiste that are contacted regarding your event the more likely it is that we can find an Artiste for you.

All the Artiste declined for one reason or another. What do I do now? can add additional Artiste to your request any time you wish. Please contact the Customer Support Team at if you wish to have more Artiste added to your request.

When I get bids back from the Artiste, does the lowest bid automatically win?

Absolutely not! You are not committed to choosing any of the Artiste who bid on your event. In fact, you might end up hiring an entertainer or Artiste who has a high bid - because he or she is the best fit for your event. The bids you receive are not binding - they are just a way for you to get a good idea of how much each Artiste would charge to perform at your event. Once you and a particular Artiste have established contact, it is completely up to you to work out the payment details.

Are the bids binding?

Bids are not binding. You are free to negotiate with all our Artiste who have submitted bids on your event. Our Artiste can change their bid amounts as circumstances and variables warrant.

Am I under any obligation to use the Artiste I've contacted through

You are under no obligation to hire any entertainer or Artiste whom you contact through